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Inordertofurtherenhancethecompany'scohesionandcreateagoodworkingatmosphere,thecompanyorganizedexcellentemployeestovisitBeijinginthecapitalinmid-May2014. ThefirstXiongguanintheworld Theworld'sfirstrank
In order to further enhance the company's cohesion and create a good working atmosphere, the company organized excellent employees to visit Beijing in the capital in mid-May 2014.
The first Xiongguan in the world
The world's first rank, namely Jiayuguan, is based on the west end of the Great Wall of China. Luan Hongwei, steep natural and magnificent, “Let's catch the shackles,” is an important military fortress on the defense line of the Great Wall of China, and the first pass of Hexi. It is also a necessary pass on the ancient “Silk Road”.
Guang Lei people come to the magnificent Great Wall!
Tiananmen Square - everyone looks at the flag raising ceremony
The returning colleague said: “I am very happy with my colleagues in the past two days. I hope that the company will be more effective next year and will continue to organize more employees to come and see and work harder after going back.”