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When you manage a team, there must be iron gauges


When you manage a team, there must be iron gauges

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Article1IronRule:Corporateinterestsareaboveall  Thecompanyisthesurvivalplatformforallemployees.Personalinterestscannotandmustnotconflictwiththem.OncethescourgehitXiaoQiang,itwasreprimandedforpunishmen
Article 1 Iron Rule: Corporate interests are above all
The company is the survival platform for all employees. Personal interests cannot and must not conflict with them. Once the scourge hit Xiao Qiang, it was reprimanded for punishment, but it was dismissed. No one would like to have a good day when you smash the boss or everyone’s job.
Article 2 Iron Ruler: Team Supreme
The team is the lifeline of each department, in the age of market economy where the team strength supports the industrial entity, unless you are a hollow person from a foreign land.
  Article 3 Iron Ruler: Use the Standard of the Boss to Ask Himself
Although the distribution of individual salaries, commissions, and bonuses is related to job performance, they are ultimately achieved on the basis of the source of the company’s corporate interests. Therefore, in order to honor and expand their own interests, it is necessary to ask ourselves by the standards of the boss. In the team, your supervisor and your customers are all your bosses. Your work attitude must go beyond them, otherwise you will always be the object of their accusation.
  Article 4 Iron Ruler: Make Things Right
What is the standard of professionalism? There is only one standard. This is what you are doing before or after others.
If it's something the boss thinks you want to do, you're done, but it's not in front of you. There's the boss in front of you. If the boss hasn’t thought of it yet, you’re done, great!
Similarly, there are supervisors and colleagues in the comparison to see whether their efforts are ahead or behind. Faced with a large number of management and logistical personnel, it is very unpleasant for people to criticize. However, you must know that if you want to change the situation, you can go ahead and pick the thorns of others.
  Article 5 Iron Rule: Response is the Best Expression of Personal Value
The expression of personal value is based on the team's need for you! Therefore, whenever the boss issues an initiative or someone in the team seeks work support, it is necessary to make a positive response at the first time because it is related to your value.
  Article 6 Iron Rule: Going in the direction of principle
It can only accept it for the direction of principle and cannot resist it. If you plan to stick to it and expect something to happen.
So how can we do things well? It's simple, follow the company's stated principles, and don't deviate from it. Don't be left to people, including some of your supervisor's instructions.
  Article 7 Iron Rule: Professionalism First, Talent Later
There are various kinds of people in various departments, but there are always some people whose existence is dispensable because they have no professional spirit and they cannot be relied on by people. They are just some ellipsis in the department, destined to be in only The patterns and procedures for finding results disappear.
Because of professionalism, it is the service itself. Service means both serving customers and serving colleagues around them.
  Article 8 Iron Rule: Norm is authority and norm is a spirit
Some people can never be disciplined in doing things because they have never seen it as a necessity. Therefore, they are always under pressure and their performance is always denied.
The norm is a spirit, a valuable habit, which is why it is not easy to cultivate. However, without authority, there is no authority. Norm means that you not only know how to behave and do things, but also how to do them well.
  Article 9 Iron Rule: Active is Efficiency, Active, Active, and Active
The active person is the smartest person, the best partner in the team, and the friend that everyone wants. Always remember that initiative is your best teacher. What can help us in times of difficulty is initiative rather than luck.
  Article 10 Iron Rule: Anyone Can Become Teacher
For fear of making mistakes or seeking psychological security, people want individuals to be able to rely on and give advice. This is true. The problem is that someone always mistakes leadership for the sole teacher. Not to mention that teachers who are leaders often don't like the bitter lesson of stupid kids. In fact, anyone in the team can become your teacher, as long as you are humbly asking for advice, not for other purposes to achieve a curve to save the nation. Because you only need knowledge, not teachers.
  Article 11 Iron Ruler: Three Elements of Work, Plans, Goals and Time
Always have a plan, always know the goal, never forget to see the time.
  Article 12 Iron Rule: Do not explain, to result
Many times in a competitive society, interpretation is meaningless. This means that you want to shirk or ask others to take responsibility.
If you do not want to see the final result, the first thing to do is to change the process as much as possible. Always remember that performance will speak and you will speak.
  Article 13 Iron Rule: Do not make up the result, roll up sleeves to work
Don't scare yourself or scare others with terrible results. Start by rolling up your sleeves to work. Only in this way can we know if the results are really terrible. Experience has shown that more than 95% of horrible guesses will naturally disappear because they roll up their sleeves to work.
  Article 14 Iron Rule: Invalid
In the face of failure, in the face of mistakes, everyone knows that the worst way to do this is to shirk, and pushing in the team is ineffective.
A team is like a chain. People who always push people like the sand in the chain will make other people feel particularly awkward and will make people deepen their impression of your mistakes.
  Article 15 iron gauge: simple, simple and simple
Do not be too exaggerated, do not bluff, let alone extraneous. Finding shortcuts is the primary way to increase work efficiency. The same thing, if you can accomplish something simpler than others, it is good.
  Article 16 Iron Rule: One Thousand Percent is a Point
One hundred percent is a perfect performance, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, the pursuit of perfect service. Do not think that this is a high requirement. If you can achieve a hundred percent, it is just that you have completed the task.
  Article 17 Iron Ruler: Be a low-key man, do a high-profile work, do not reverse it
A low-key man can maintain a healthy air around you, and high-profile work can win support and reputation.
  Article 18 Iron Rule: Communication can eliminate all obstacles
Communication skills are the minimum qualities of practitioners. Do not be afraid of the small troubles in communication. If you do not want to face greater trouble, you must communicate and coordinate everything around you. Smoothness does not come from heaven, it is the result of communication.
  Article 19 iron rules: practitioners are first propaganda machines
As an advertising window for business flow, whether you are walking through the streets or down to the towns and villages, you have to sing along the way and do your best to be a drummer for companies and products. This is your most basic task.
Of course, before agitating others, you must first agitate yourself!
  Article 20 Iron Ruler: Always Keeping Progressive, Keeping Open-minded
  Humility is an expression of an open mind.
In any sales department, there are two kinds of people who are the most profitable. One is courageous to forge ahead, the gain is his own, the failure is the boss or the boss, and more importantly, this kind of person leaves his retreat to the Boss or boss to take care of. The other kind of people are people who are open minded. They are modest and they can effectively accept the opinions of others. Therefore, their success is much faster than that of others, and they are naturally rewarded!