Talent Concept


Talent Concept

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1. People-oriented
People-oriented emphasizes respect for people.
Respect human differences, use their strengths, optimize human resources, do their best, and make the best use of them.
Respect for people's ability differences, different contributions of people, have different remuneration, responsibility, power and interests, ability, contribution and remuneration relative, responsibility, power and interests are called.
2. Applicable
There are talented and talented people who use talents. There are no virtues and no virtue.
The quantity is applicable, because it can determine the post, the ability determines the post, and the contribution determines the value.
The use of a "competent and mediocre" competition mechanism stimulates the potential and subjective initiative of human resources so that talents with both ability and integrity can be distinguished.
3. Innovation beyond
Learning innovation, constantly surpassing, never satisfied.
Improve the compensation incentive mechanism, adhere to performance management, carefully analyze and summarize the assessment results, so that the awards and penalties are clear, objective and fair, the rewards are well received, the penalty should be.
Adhere to "Today's best score is tomorrow's minimum standard!"